alexalone’s “Electric Sickness” Is a Comforting Wash of Existential Fuzz

Its the newest single from their album ALEXALONEWORLD, which is out August 13 on Polyvinyl.

In addition to performing as the live bassist for Hovvdy and Lomelda, Alex Peterson makes music under the name alexalone that’s as powerful and meditative as a remote waterfall. Influenced by the likes of Tolkien, Murakami, Low, and Yo La Tengo, Peterson’s music is complex and expansive. They’ve already released the singles “Eavesdropper” and “Ruins” in anticipation of their album ALEXALONEWORLD, and today we get another track called “Electric Sickness.”

The song is the album opener and also the first song from alexalone as a group. “alexalone started when my friend Jeff Mertz asked me if I would do the score for his documentary Slow Burn, which is about gentrification and the highway through the lens of Austin BBQ folks,” Peterson shared. “‘Electric Sickness’ was the first song I wrote with the intent of using it for the doc, and as a result it became the first ‘alexalone’ song.”

Watch the video for the track below.


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