koleżanka’s “A Mouthful” Reveals Why No One Wants to Work in Food Service

Place Is is out this Friday, July 30 on Bar/None Records.

Kristina Moore, a.k.a koleżanka, is releasing her debut album Place Is this Friday. It’s about what Marc Augé dubbed “non-places,” which are settings caught in between modes—the airport, the highway, a gas station, a hotel. A lifetime—or what feels like it—of moving as a touring musician has instilled Moore to think about the places and people many don’t recognize. koleżanka shared the final single before the big album release day, which happens to be about when the constant motion of tour life came to a pause.

“This one describes a general apathy and isolation while coming off the high of a tour and finally settling into a new city,” Moore shared in a press statement. “Working as a server and falling into the classic New York industry habit of spending most of my earned money in bars. I often like to sit in a bar alone with my thoughts, but inevitably find myself warding off some weird dude who thinks my being alone is an invitation.”

Over a bluesy guitar and off-kilter psychedelic synths Moore slowly recounts a nightmare service shift. “‘It gets better’ someone wrote on the bathroom stall,” she sings, her voice glowing. An ironic shadow of hope before things take a turn for the worst.

Moore further revealed, “The second verse is about a particular event. I was working at a toxic place where we were forced into doubles all weekend. On an incredibly stressful night, the owner lost it and threw a chef’s knife into the dish pit, and it ricocheted off and almost went through my skull. I didn’t have time to eat all day, and felt so helpless that I ended up drinking myself into oblivion that night on an empty stomach and had to be carried down the stairs of my building from the roof.”

Pre-order Place Is here and listen to “A Mouthful” below.


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