Future Crib Protect True Love with the Help of a Monk, Jester, and Wizard on “BG”

The track is from the Nashville group’s forthcoming album Full Time Smile, which is out September 10.

Nashville’s Future Crib make twinkle-eyed songs that teeter between lo-fi psychedelia and vivid folk-rock. There’s a bit of an eccentric spark akin to Animal Collective and a tender riotousness like that of Built to Spill in their formula, though their latest single from their forthcoming album Full Time Smile is a crunchier, more glowing bedroom pop track called “BG.”

“’BG’ is a song about being deeply in love with someone and taking in every moment you have together,” the band’s Noah Pope says of the track. “I wrote it on the road during the blossom of a very special relationship. It deals with the late nights driving home, the worry of parents, and the anticipation of the future. Through a whirlwind of fear, joy, and excitement the song expresses how love feels as it begins to take shape.”

The single comes with a visual directed by Pope and Gabe Drechsler. It’s a lo-fi film depicting a knight recruiting a monk, jester, and wizard to help save his kidnapped princess. The wizard provides sandwiches, the jester tricks the monster who holds the princess hostage, and the monk, um, prays? It’s a sweet, somewhat cheesy video that captures the how true love can feel, well, sweet and cheesy.

Watch “BG” below.


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