SASAMI Is the Babysitter From Hell in the Video for Her Cover of Daniel Johnston’s “Sorry Entertainer”

The video was directed by Patti Harrison and Alan Resnick.

In 2019, Sasami Ashworth released her crushing debut album SASAMI, which was a potent collection of whirling shoegaze and open-wounded lyricism. Since then, her music has gotten a bit harder with last year’s “Mess” and a stripped down cover of System of a Down’s “Toxicity.” She revealed in a statement, “I made my last album when I was in a very emotionally vulnerable and tender place, but after a couple years of touring those same subtle, more sensitive songs, the live show became louder and more volatile.”

Today, she’s returned with another cover, and it’s a Daniel Johnston deep-cut called “Sorry Entertainer.” She continued to say that, “‘Sorry Entertainer’ is my take on mixing the desperation of being a hopeless and powerless artist and the extremely powerful sounds of a metal band. Like giving a toddler a flamethrower…or a fullstack.” And if you’re a SASAMI fan, you’re aware that even if her music can stare down the darkest parts of the human psyche with a chilling vocal delivery and buzzsawing noise, she’s super funny.

Understandably, then, the video for “Sorry Entertainer” turns SASAMI into the babysitter from hell who will torture you ceaselessly with weird dad-joke gags and pranks. I Think You Should Leave highlight reel Patti Harrison, who directed the video with Alan Resnick, is the mom, and, well, her culpability in this chaos is unclear until the end. Poor dude just wants to do his Beyoncé project!

Really, you can’t miss out. Watch below.


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