Snow Ellet Toasts to the Exciting Prospect of Becoming Oneself with “Wine on the Carpet”

Eric Reyes debut EP Suburban Indie Rock Star is getting a re-release that features two new tracks.

This past March, Eric Reyes, who makes a punchy hybrid of indie rock and pop punk under the name Snow Ellet, released his debut EP Suburban Indie Rock Star. Today, it was announced that the EP is getting a re-release, with two new tracks, out August 13 on Wax Bodega. The first of the new tracks we get to hear is called “Wine on the Carpet.”

“Wine on the Carpet” hits on all the sore spots of being young, broke, and confused about what the future holds. One line speaks about Reyes working in a bar band and feeling connected to a bar back because of their shitty financial situations. Later, he’s looking back on thinking he’d get through college “happy and maybe debt-free.” Over mingling guitar riffs and a snappy drumbeat, “Wine on the Carpet” quickly bubbles into the exciting prospect of coming into oneself. With a bit of imagination and a cup of wine, Snow Ellet showcases that there’s bliss in company and an endless list of possibilities.

Listen to the track below.


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