Hot Chip Share a New Order–Inspired Remix of Casper Caan’s “Last Chance”

The rework arrives two months after the release of the NYC-based electropop artist’s debut single.

On-the-rise electronic artists in the vein of Casper Caan were a dime a dozen a decade ago, with outfits like Cut Copy, LCD Soundsystem, and Hot Chip infiltrating the final chapter of college rock radio stations. Yet in 2021 we aren’t so lucky—arriving two months ago, the debut single from Caan, “Last Chance,” brought with it a slew of memories from a time before Imagine Dragons and “Pumped Up Kicks” carried electronic-infused rock back into the mainstream for the first time since the ’80s. In fact, it was the ’80s Hot Chip first thought of before they took on the project of remixing the track: “Something about the melody and Casper’s voice reminded us of New Order,” the group shares, “so they became an important reference for the remix. We really enjoyed making it!”

Hot Chip’s take on the song enhances the track’s inherent danceable qualities while maintaining the slow-build structure of the original—which nearly feels like an homage to “Need You Now.” Opening with a minimal, ’90s-dance-music beat the track gradually blossoms into something unshakably catchy over its nearly five-and-a-half-minute run time. Hear for yourself below with a visualizer illustrated by Avalanches/Flume collaborator Jonathan Zawada—or stream it here.


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