Banoffee Indulges in Brattiness in Her “Idiot” Video

Its the lead single from her sophomore album Teartracks, out October 8.

On the surface, Banoffee‘s music shimmers and glitches with the euphoria instilled in most dance music. But a closer look reveals the emotional knots she’s using her music to work through. Such was the case for her debut album Look at Us Now Dad, which came out last year right before the world crumbled even further into despair. Today, she’s returned with news of her sophomore album Teartracks and its lead single “Idiot,” which captures an inner turmoil that’s been universal for the past year.

“Gotta clean the house today / The outside world just don’t seem safe / Might let myself waste away / To feel like I’ve got something in control,” she sings mechanically in the opening verse. The accompanying video makes for a light-hearted companion for the single—to the confusion of her friends, she dances on top of their van and steals a woman’s vape while declaring that longing for someone has gotten the best of her. “I’m sorry I missed you / You know that I’m hurting / Want to stay in, do bad things / I regret, I’m an idiot.”

In a statement about the Phebe Schmidt–directed video, Banoffee said, “Making this video was such a joy. Living out a dream I had about trolling tradies was such a fun experience and of course a moment on a love heart bed was crucial. ‘Idiot’ is about needing to stay indoors and be self indulgent, it’s about indulging in brattiness, with the help of my amazing creative team I think we made a version of that that’s really fun.”

Watch the video below.


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