Poppy Takes Us to a Pastel Realm with a Vomiting Cartoon Sun in “Flux” Video

The bizarre visual arrives with the title track from her forthcoming album out September 24 on Sumerian Records.

Poppy, in many ways, is an enigma. She’s a concept artist who fits between cyber pop and heavy metal, while her visuals boarder on unnerving dystopian commentary and horrifying nods to familiar pop culture. All of this is what makes her an exciting artist to keep up with. Now, she’s announced her new album Flux, which is scheduled for release on September 24 via Sumerian Records. She’s also shared the title track, which is a glitchy, spiraling banger—reminds me a bit of Nine Inch Nails or AFI before Poppy’s vocals explode into spine-chilling screams.

“Flux” comes with a video by Australian visual/sculpture artist Pip & Pop that features a dreamy pastel world. Poppy enters through a void and then (maybe?) is vomited out by the sun into this new Dr.-Seuss-meets-Cartoon-Network world. Her whereabouts are saccharinely colored, but the creatures she meets don’t seem to be all that sweet. Later she turns into a cartoon version of herself and takes off running out of this otherworldly domain. Both visually and sonically, “Flux” captures a bizarre balance of softness and severity in Poppy’s work.

Watch the video below and pre-order Flux here.


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