Lizzo Reveals that “Rumors” Are Coming on August 13

The track—and “new era”—will arrive two years after the singer’s breakthrough LP Cuz I Love You.

It’s been two years since Lizzo released her major label debut Cuz I Love You. It feels like a million years ago, but 2019 was Lizzo’s year. She charmed us with her flute solos and stadium-filling vocals; she linked up with major trendsetters like Harry Styles and Charli XCX; she had the most Grammy noms that year and delivered unforgettable performances.

Lizzo’s confidence and spunk makes the world much brighter, and as we might teeter in and out of “normalcy,” some new Lizzo is a gift to look forward to. Now, with the new shittiness of things, we need her light more than ever—and today, she’s delivered with the announcement of her return with a new single called “Rumors,” which is coming August 13. From the single’s cover, it looks like it might be a little mischievous? Glamorous? Seductive? Maybe all of the above? I can’t wait to find out.  You can pre-save the track here.


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