WATCH: Corin, Carrie, and Janet Rock Tina’s Room in Sleater-Kinney–”Bob’s Burgers” Video Crossover For “A New Wave”

Another edition of We Are All Tina Belcher.

Today Sleater-Kinney released a video for “A New Wave” (the latest in an impressive and super-fun series), which sees Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, and Janet Weiss take a trip to Bob’s Burgers on Ocean Avenue.

Watch the thoroughly well-done crossover, which all starts with Tina popping No Cities to Love into her CD player (we knew Tina would be a fan) and, just like in reality, the band materializes in her room to rock the faces off the Belcher kids.

No Cities to Love is out now on Sub Pop, you can (and should) catch Bob’s Burgers Sundays on Fox.


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