allie Confronts Their Past Relationships on New Track “ghosts”

The single arrives ahead of Allie Cuva’s debut album Maybe Next Time, out August 27 via Other People Records.

Last month, Allie Cuva announced their debut solo album under the mononym allie with the hushed bedroom pop single “ETYG,” which today they’re following up with a track that leans a bit further into the sounds of Other People Records labelmates like Gleemer and Only Sibling. “ghost” is a heavier, shoegazier sample of what allie has in store, building into a thick haze of guitar over the course of the track’s four minutes. Echoing the dense sounds are the foggy memories the track chronicles.

“‘ghosts’ is a rumination of if and how my long-term ex-partner and I will be remembered by our close friends as the couple we once were (‘Are we ghosts in our friends’ memories? Do we haunt them now?’),” Cuva explains. “It also relentlessly addresses my anxieties of feeling ‘not enough’ or otherwise insufficient for my ex-partner in my newfound personhood of transness and gender nonconformity, knowing that these new factors would render us incompatible as romantic companions. ‘ghosts’ is a mourning, a reckoning, but it is also the powerful moment of realizing myself. I am—and will always be—enough.”

You can listen to the track below, and pre-order the record here.


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