Cherry Glazerr Lets Her Guard Down on New Moonlit Single “Soft Drink”

The new track follows “Big Bang” from earlier this year.

Although the last album we got from from Cherry Glazerr, Stuffed & Ready, came out in 2019, Clementine Creevy has been keeping busy over the years. Recently, she’s released a couple singles, “Big Bang” and “Rabbit Hole,” that have emphasized the sonic evolution her music is taking. She was also featured on the new Willow album with a spot on the track “¡BREAKOUT!” Today, Creevy has returned with another new CG single titled “Soft Drink.”

The song, which at times recalls The Strokes in both their rock and experimental electronic phases, finds Creevy reflecting on intimacy and the nerves of revealing oneself to another for the first time. Creevy’s vocals inhabit a lightness like never before. “People just want to shake me / Shake me upside down like a soft drink,” she sings on the first verse. By the chorus, she lets the other person in, lost in movement, “not so lonely anymore.”

“I started with that synth line. It just popped into my head while I was driving and I like frantically recorded it into my voice memos while driving to the beach kind of down by Hermosa and Manhattan beach. I was randomly obsessed with the song ‘Naive’ by The Kooks and kind of listening to it a lot, and I think that sound crept in a little. The song is about yearning for some validation. Sometimes all you need is company and you’re not looking for anything specific, just someone to dance with. It was a lonely year obviously,” Creevy said of the track.

The accompanying video finds Creevy saturated in pink light, in her feels, dancing. Watch it below.


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