FLOOD FM’s “F Yeah Fridays” Ep. 17 feat. Chloe Moriondo, The Weeknd, Courtney Barnett, and More

This weeks “Fave 15” podcast also includes Danny Elfman and Trent Reznor, Jorja Smith, Big Thief, and Phoebe Bridgers covering Metallica.

It’s time for the 17th episode of “F Yeah Fridays.” Our host, Aaron Axelsen, is here to share the 15 must-hear new tracks of the week.

This week’s podcast features Detroit’s rising bedroom-pop star Chloe Moriondo‘s new summer gem “Not Okay” featuring mazie, Phoebe Bridgers‘ ethereal rendition of Metallica‘s classic “Nothing Else Matters,” The Weeknd‘s synthwave banger “Take My Breath,” Courtney Barnett‘s favorite song from her forthcoming album, and Danny Elfman and Trent Reznor‘s surprising collaboration on a re-imagining of Elfman’s “True.”

Listen to episode 17 of “F Yeah Fridays: FLOOD’s Fave 15” via Spotify, and check out the full list of all of this week’s top 15 tracks below:

1. Danny Elfman feat. Trent Reznor —“True”
2. The Weeknd —“Take My Breath”
3. Phoebe Bridgers —“Nothing Else Matters”
4. Chloe Moriondo feat. mazie —“Not Okay”
5. Courtney Barnett —”Before You Gotta Go”
6. Spill Tab —“More Joy”
7. Rufus Du Sol —“Next To Me”
8. Jorja Smith feat. GuiltyBeatz —“All Of This”
9. Laura Stevenson —“Continental Divide”
10. Kelly Holiday feat. Coyle Girelli —“Song Goes On”
11. The Violent Hearts —”Everything and Nothing”
12. Day Wave —“Before We Knew”
13. Destroy Boys —“Locker Room Bully”
14. Joy Orbison —“Better”
15. Big Thief —“Little Things”

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