Anika Adds a New Chapter to the Life of Ora the Molecule’s “Helicopter”

The sinister remix follows the release of Ora’s debut LP Human Safari back in July.

Earlier this year, Norwegian-born songwriter Nora Schjelderup unleashed her avant-pop debut record as Ora the Molecule, Human Safari, upon the world, unveiling a dozen cuts of icy, minimal dance music paired with observational lyricism. One adjective that can’t necessarily be applied to the tracks is “sinister,” though this is something that can easily be amended by enlisting an artist on the Sacred Bones roster for a remix. Rather than tapping her Norwegian peer Jenny Hval, though, Schjelderup brought in Anika—who’s fresh off the release of a new album herself—to rework the album cut “Helicopter” to give it a darker edge. 

“I wanted to focus on the vocals and take them through the cityscape,” Anika shares, “like driving through Berlin at night in some muscle car, and give it a whole different setting.” Schjelderup adds that the remix makes the track feel more welcome in that city’s club scene: “Anika made a proper underground acid mix, suitable for Berghain,” she notes. “I love how she redressed the song and lent completely different feelings to it, like a new chapter in the life of ‘Helicopter!’”

Hear the remix below.


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