Rave Ami Come to Terms with Consumerism on New Single “Saints on Silver”

The self proclaimed loudest rock ’n’ roll band in Pittsburgh tease their new single, which officially drops tomorrow.

Rave Ami make thunderous rock that’s at once rowdy and refined. On their latest single, “Saints on Silver,” the self proclaimed loudest rock ’n’ roll band in Pittsburgh lives up to their sweaty image. Alternating between wide-open riffing and choppy helicopter grooves, the track brings to mind Palm covering The Replacements. With lyrics maligning the ferocious nature of late capitalism, frontperson Joe Pratski’s commanding vocals simultaneously embrace the spirit of hardcore and the melodic sensibilities of Avey Tare. “I shop therefore I am, hypothetical and comforted by idolatry / Traffic caught in the jam, an anachronism / Come on stranger, cast the freak,” he sings over silvery synthesizers and technical, syncopated rhythms.

Of the track, Pratski says, “‘Saints on Silver’ is a celebration and disambiguation of the ways we self-objectify as a means of self-representation. We’re all consumers; traditionally through partaking in ‘goods and services’ transactions but also through regular consumption of multimedia, ideas, time, the ‘(un)natural world,’ the ambiguous, and the et cetera. This relationship runs through the thread of our lives in which we constantly (re)create ourselves. You eat the world and the world eats you—let it be.”

“Saints on Silver” hits streaming services on August 18, but you can check it out a day early below.


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