Porches Revel in Chaotic Vibes—and Shout Out Tony Soprano—on “Lately”

The single arrives ahead of Aaron Maine’s upcoming album All Day Gentle Hold ! that’s out October 8.

The energy on “Lately,” the latest single from Porches, is chaotic—and that’s not just because Aaron Maine states that that’s his personal vibe in the opening line. Tony Soprano makes an appearances in a verse, right before Maine cries: “How’s everyone holding up out there?” In anticipation of Porches’ new album All Day Gentle Hold !, “Lately” is a concise burst of cathartic noise and playful synths. The single follows its predecessors “Okay” and “I Miss That” in the pacifying repetition of certain words in conjunction with the song’s beat. In an odd way, that repetition seems to mimic the mundane pattern of quarantine; it’s frustrating and unrelenting. And sometimes The Sopranos make an appearance.

Similarly chaotic, the video features Maine running around a retro-decorated room, jumping on a Kraft-Cheese-orange chair, and head-banging with his band. Later, the room is in shambles. And then, Maine is eating meatballs and dessert in a lime green closet.

Check it out below.


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