The Convenience Give Up Control in Their “Accelerator (Pts I + II)” Video

The Video Age members’ debut LP Accelerator is out October 22 via Winspear.

As members of the New Orleans indie-funk act Video Age, penning retro futuristic pop songs is nothing new for Duncan Troast and Nick Corson. On “Accelerator (Pts I + II),” the title track from the duo’s upcoming album as The Convenience, playful, fluorescent synths and a driving groove come together to support a sassy hook. In the final minute, though, things take a turn for the mellow, with seared electronics laying the framework for manipulated, chilled-out talking. However, even as “Accelerator” winds down, it still feels fit for a sweaty, wholesome dance floor. Video Age brings to mind Prince, but The Convenience recalls Sly and the Family Stone.

Of the track, the band says, “The song is about indulging in the feeling of losing control. Wanting someone else to take the wheel, in a romantic way.”

“Accelerator” is accompanied by a video, which finds the duo dancing in an auto body shop under the reproachful gaze of their employer, and later partying with some hip-looking folks in what appears to be a roller rink. The single precedes Accelerator, which is out October 22 via Winspear, and you can pre-order the record here. The track officially hits streaming services tomorrow, but you can check it out a day early at the link below.


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