Bachelor Recognize the Bitter Aftertaste of a Manipulated Heart on “I See It Now”

Hear the first single from Melina Duterte and Ellen Kempner following their debut album Doomin’ Sun from earlier this year.

Earlier this year, Palehound’s Ellen Kempner and Jay Som’s Melina Duterte announced their new band together called Bachelor. They released their debut album Doomin’ Sun, and today they’ve already returned with another single “I See It Now.”

Doomin’ Sun was packed with poetic and candid songs about relationships and the unpredictable emotions that emerge as a result of them. “I See It Now” contains much of that same magic, although it’s more subdued than some of the band’s rippers. “My sister says she never liked ya / My friends said that I shouldn’t trust ya / I hear them now,” Kempner sings with newfound regret and clarity. “You were salt in a sugar shaker,” goes another potent line. Kempner and Duterte depict the pain from a betrayed and manipulated heart.

In a statement, the band said that “I See It Now” came together while Bachelor was filming music videos for their album. “We found ourselves with a day to kill at Ellen’s house in Poughkeepsie,” they said. “Ellen had assembled a small recording setup in her basement that she was mystified by and still figuring out how to work so we decided to record a song to mess around with the gear. Melina wrote the creepy intro keyboard part and we built the song from there. What came was ‘I See It Now,’ a kind of lethargic muse on sexual regret and insecurity.”

Listen to the track below.


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