Flower Crown Step Out of Their Comfort Zone on Infectious New Single “The Billy”

The Pittsburgh dream pop collective’s third album Heat arrives September 24 via Crafted Sounds.

With their laid back, hazy dream-pop sound, Pittsburgh’s Flower Crown brings to mind the golden age of C86 lo-fi rock. The band’s latest single, “The Billy,” finds them coating ’90s-sourced power pop songwriting in layers of reverb and sonic gauze. Syncopated hits and blossoming melodies bring to mind a late-summer romance, or a placid walk through the cemetery right as the leaves are turning orange. “Underneath my skin / Please just let me in / Honeybee, be sweet to me / And I’m yours ’til the end,” vocalist Richie Colosimo sings on the track’s sugary, infectious chorus. At once warm and melancholy, “The Billy” lives somewhere in the grey area between Beach Fossils and The Magnetic Fields.

Of the track, Colosimo says, “I never really write a whole lot of saccharine love songs, so I tried to step outside of my comfort zone and write how I was feeling about new love.”

The single hits streaming services tomorrow, but you can check it out a day early at the link below. It precedes the band’s third record, Heat, which you can anticipate September 24 via Pittsburgh DIY label Crafted Sounds.



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