Sylvan Esso Share Video for Teddy Geiger’s Reinvention of “Numb”

The duo also announce their “Shaking Out the Numb” Tour.

Last year, North Carolina duo Sylvan Esso released their third album Free Love. One of the album’s highlights, “Numb,” spoke to an itch that we’ll probably be scratching at for years to come, a wormy electronic cry to feel. The song details a new dance movement called “shaking out the numb” that Amelia Meath craves for: “Give me hot water / Give me freezing air / Give me the gossip / And a reason to care.”

Sylvan Esso are still shaking out the numb, as we all are, and will continue to do so with their newly announced tour. In celebration of the announcement the duo have released a video for the Teddy Geiger remix of “Numb.” The video, directed by Marc Levy and Marc Salomon, finds the duo and their team getting ready for their return to live performances. There’s sound checks and costume fittings, but the warmest scenes are ones of long-awaited gatherings. There’s a team feast and joyous embraces of friends back on the road.

“One of things that really sticks out from filming with Amelia and Nick is how Sylvan Esso is really this tight-knit family of artists and technicians who come together and share their time and energy to make something so special,” Levy shared. “Everything is personal and considered for them. And while we were filming with them, they completely welcomed us into their family, which was heartwarming and is something for which we are grateful.”

Watch the video below, and check out their tour dates here.


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