Radiohead Announce Three-LP Collection Featuring “Kid A,” “Amnesiac,” and B-Sides

The previously unreleased track “If You Say the Word” arrives ahead of KID A MNESIA, which is out November 5 via XL.

Radiohead joined TikTok a few months ago. Recently, they released a video that revealed their analytics were not so great because, well, their short videos were full of creepy (pun intended) effects and the odd character Chieftain Mews, rather than cute choreography. It was easy to surmise that Radiohead, a very intentional group, had a reason for joining the internet’s Gen Z–oriented content black hole. And today, they’ve announced KID A MNESIA, a triple album to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Kid A and Amnesiac. It’s out November 5 via XL Recordings.

The triple album will include both records as well as an album titled Kid Amnesiae. That third disc the band referred to as “a memory palace of half-remembered, half-forgotten sessions & unreleased material.” Kid Amnesiae includes unearthed sessions, a previously unheard recording of “Follow Me Around,” and “alternate versions and elements of Kid A and Amnesiac album tracks and B-Sides,” according to its press release. It also includes previously unheard outtake  “If You Say the Word,” which is now available to stream.

KID A MNESIA will be released in the form of a limited edition deluxe LP or cassette, with the three LPs for the vinyl edition coming in black or red. Additionally, on November 4 Canongate will share two art books by Thom Yorke and longtime Radiohead illustrator Stanley Donwood. KID A MNESIA Art Book is a 300-page look at the process and visual art for Kid A and Amnesiac. The second book called FEAR STALKS THE LAND! is a black-and-white paperback featuring notes and sketches taken by Yorke and Donwood.

Listen to “If You Say the Word” below, and pre-order the triple album and all its pieces here.


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