Ehiorobo Is All About That Cheese on “Munstar”

The genre-bending New Jersey artist touches on hustle culture in his latest single for Grind Select.

2021 is, uh, not the best time to pursue a career as a musician. There’s, like, five artists who are making a living within our current capitalist structure that launches already-successful artists further toward the top and creates a dependence on algorithms that stomp all over everybody else. It’s an accepted—though often raged against—fact that anyone who can’t make music a full-time gig will have to subscribe to the hustle culture they acknowledge is yet another ugly facet of our current system in order to stay afloat—a topic Ehiorobo playfully covers on the latest in his recent series of singles released through Grind Select Records.

Over skittering and fractured beats calling to mind artists ranging from Body Meat to Animal Collective while maintaining the uniqueness of either artist, “Munstar” confronts the topics of creativity and self-worth over its turbulent three minutes. “‘Munstar’ is a playfully spunky track about the long-played conquest that is undergone when attempting to create a livelihood for one’s self, the judgements from loved ones that ensue, and the necessity of having to occasionally mute the voices of others,” explains Ehiorobo. “A workaholic fiend that’s all about their munster ‘cheese’ would be a ‘munstar.’ I’m not saying that being a ‘munstar’ is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am saying it’s a thing.”

Watch the visualizer for the track below, or stream it here.


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