Watch Yuma Abe Perform “Omaemo” in Atami, Japan for “Neighborhoods”

The Tokyo-based songwriter plays through the track from his recent debut LP in the seaside city.

Over the summer, Yuma Abe released his debut collection of songs inspired by the ambient folk and electronic sounds of Mort Garson and Haruomi Hosono—the latter finding himself involved in the mixing of Fantasia. Additionally, Abe enlisted former tour mate Devendra Banhart to play guitar on the pre-album single “Omaemo,” a low-energy acoustic track that reflects the oddball folk of Banhart’s own recordings. “​​A monster with terrifying eyes might actually be crying inside,” Abe shares of the single. “It’s the same with humans. It’s important that we use our imagination. We can become friends with anyone.”

It was this track Abe chose to play for his “Neighborhoods” set filmed in Atami, Japan, a seaside city about an hour and a half outside his hometown of Tokyo. “Atami is one of the most famous getaway destinations in Japan,” he notes. “There’s the ocean, and plenty of natural hot springs, too. Japanese people go there to relax.” Backed by an additional guitar, tiny keyboard, and maracas (their sounds somehow amplified by their percussionist’s sombrero), watch Abe play the track in front of tranquil greenery below.


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