Jackson+Sellers Envision a Thorny Romance on Somber New Single “Hush”

Along with the new track, Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers share a brief interview with each other.

One of the less anticipated negative side effects of the pandemic is that in preventing a year’s worth of live music, it also prevented artists sharing a bill the opportunity to connect in person and maybe, say, hit it off to the point where they record an entire album together. This is to say that if the pandemic had hit earlier, there would be no Jackson+Sellers, the duo of country songwriters Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers—two artists who together dipped into more conventional rock on their recent single “Waste Your Time,” which blends their natural-sounding vocal harmonies with heavy guitars.

Their latest single, though, taps a bit more into their country roots, albeit within a realm that’s darker than what either of them has explored as solo artists. “Hush” plays like a twangier Marissa Nadler or Azure Ray, with a gothic shadow hanging over the track’s subtle folk melodies. True to its subject matter, the haunting guitars accompany a story of thorny romance. 

Along with the new single—which arrives ahead of their debut album Breaking Point, dropping October 22 via ANTI- Records—read on for a brief Q&A prepared by Jackson and Sellers where the duo cover everything from their first writing session together to their favorite heavy rock acts. 

Jade Jackson: When did you first hear my music?

Aubrie Sellers: I had seen your name around, maybe I heard you on the radio on [SiriusXM’s] Outlaw Country or something, but the first time I really heard your music was at AmericanaFest, where I played before you in 2019. 

Aubrie Sellers: That’s a good segue because that’s how we met, but I’m curious what you thought when you came down to LA to stay with me for our first co-write.

Jade Jackson: Everything kept falling into place on this. First I saw you at Americana and kept that inspiration and admiration from your set in my back pocket. And while I was writing for my new record, I wrote this super special song about my sister and I envisioned female harmonies on it. So I slid into your DMs, not expecting a response—but, sure enough, you got back to me and the timing was perfect because you were living only three hours away from me at the time. So that weekend, I drove down, we sat together, and I thought we were just gonna work on that one song. But then you started showing me other songs and I loved everything you showed me and it was so easy. I ended up spending the night because by the time we were done it was so late and I didn’t want to drive back three hours!

Aubrie Sellers: I think that’s because we’re both Aquarians.

Jade Jackson: Yeah! And then we find out your birthday is two days before mine, right?

Aubrie Sellers: Yep. I’m into astrology. I think it’s fun. But we do have a lot of similar traits! I mean, we’re obviously different as well, but what do you think some of our other similar traits are?

Jade Jackson: My parents have said we look alike with our dark hair and light eyes. We’re both passionate about music. We have the same favorite number, right? 22!

Aubrie Sellers: There’s lots of weird little synchronicities and weird cosmic things that have happened since meeting. And I think we’re both also just really empathetic, sensitive people.

Jade Jackson: We had a tour lined up that fell through because of COVID and everything going on in the world. Were you excited to get out on the road?

Aubrie Sellers:  I’m excited to get on the road, especially with you as a fellow introvert. I’ve toured in the past, and people don’t understand it, you know? The need for peace on the road. We can be each other’s emotional support. We can be each other’s therapists!

Jade Jackson: The fact that we’re both solo frontwomen combining forces, we can really have someone to talk to who gets it.

Aubrie Sellers: Did you have any idols when you were a kid? Was there anyone you wanted to be? 

Jade Jackson: I was a fan of Hank Williams because when I was little I could really relate to his songwriting. What about you?

Aubrie Sellers: I grew up idolizing more actors and actresses because I grew up around music—Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams. But as far as music goes, I’ve loved Julie Miller from a young age, and Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin, too! 

Aubrie Sellers: Some rapid fire questions: Metallica or Nirvana?

Aubrie & Jade: Nirvana! 

Jade Jackson: Okay I know we are both a little claustrophobic and anxious, so I purposefully designed this next question for you… Would you rather get trapped in a spaceship for a month, or a submarine? 

Aubrie Sellers: I don’t know why but I think spaceship. I love spacey stuff, and I feel like I could maybe get used to that environment. But being trapped under freezing cold water with creatures all around? I don’t think I can do that.


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