ZHU, Leon Bridges, and Kaytranada to Headline Non-Profit Music Festival M3F

The event is scheduled for March 4 and 5, 2022 at Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Even though festival season is slowly waning—or rather COVID has completely obliterated any easy understanding of what season determines certain events—we’re still getting festival lineup announcements. Today, we hear from M3F, the non-profit music festival that takes place in Phoenix, Arizona.

Next year’s lineup includes ZHU, Leon Bridges, Kaytranada, Jungle, Parcels, Spafford, A R I Z O N A, Bryce Vine, Whethan, Elderbrook, Two Feet, Cautious Clay, Surf Mesa, Goth Babe, Bea Miller, Blu DeTiger, and more. 100 percent of the fest’s proceeds benefit charities, including organizations set up to help house the homeless, provide music therapy for children, and fund cancer research.

Check out the trailer below, and find more information here.


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