Duval Timothy and Rosie Lowe Illustrate Mesmerizing Vocal Gymnastics on “Son”

It’s the title track from their collaborative album that’s out November 12 via Carrying Colour.

Last year, multi-disciplinary artist Duval Timothy released an incredible album called Help. Today, he’s announced another album called Son in collaboration with singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rosie Lowe. Son, which was recorded in London and Freetown between 2019 and 2021, began as a canvas for vocal experimentation inspired by the duo’s appreciation for choral music. They’ve shared the title track from the album, which is out November 12, and it’s a mesmerizing collision of vocal acrobatics.

The album’s creation began with the title track that was inspired by a story: “A mother tells her son that he needs to fit in to survive before realising that she is following the same tropes passed on to her as a child,” reads the press release. “Following this realisation she encourages her son to protect his dreams and not to listen to anybody telling him he can’t be whatever he chooses.”

“We were interested in bringing our surroundings into the recordings; leaving doors open, recording in different spaces and locations, inviting the listener to experience the life that was going on around us whilst capturing the process,” they explained in a statement.

Listen to “Son” below and pre-order the album here. The stunning track also comes with responsive work by poet Julianknxx which you can find below, too.


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