Watch Dijon and His Band Play What Is Presumably the First Song From His First Album

His debut LP Absolutely is out November 5.

A couple weeks ago, producer-singer Dijon released, what is in my opinion, one of the best songs of 2021 called “Many Times”—seriously, I haven’t stopped listening to it. But now it looks like I might have to deal with the arrival of another song (or rather a live performance of an unnamed song) and news of his debut album called Absolutely, which is coming out November 5. Less than a month, woot!

The video dubbed “playing the first song from my first album” finds Dijon and company in the same space the “Many Times” video was shot in. These pals are jamming with a variety of instruments while Dijon walks around the room, singing with every atom of his being about all the emotions and phases of a person’s expressions that he loves. Whether it’s that glow on a loved one’s face of hearing their favorite song or the spark of curiosity that passes through one’s eyes when they have a question, Dijon likes it all. It’s another taste of his forthcoming debut album that surely cannot be slept on.

Not only is the track captivating and romantic, but so is the joy and electricity between the performing musicians captured in the visual. Watch it below.


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