A Haram Playlist by The Muslims

The Durham-based punks’ latest album Fuck These Fuckin Fascists dropped last month via Epitaph.

If you’re still uncertain what The Muslims’ politics are at this point, I’m not quite sure what else they could do to drive their point home. Formed in the aftermath of the 2016 election—specifically because of the 2016 election—the punk trio’s album covers have steadily progressed from an MS Paint recreation of unicorns pissing out rainbows to a guy who looks a whole lot like punk-rocker-turned-Trump-pilled-goon John Lydon getting his eye punched out under the new record’s fairly straightforward title Fuck These Fuckin Fascists—a sentiment hammered home on the album’s intense cuts like “Crotch-Pop a Cop” and “John McCain’s Ghost Sneaks Into the White House and Tea Bags the President.”

Considering the band clearly doesn’t share a blind reverence for first-wave punk with most of the genre’s acts that have popped up since the ’80s, we asked Sheikh QADR, Ba7Ba7, and Abu Shea to throw together a playlist of tracks that inspired their latest album, both musically and ideologically, from the modern day sounds of Meet Me @ the Altar and Pinkshift to the proto-punk of Death. “These are songs/bands we dig that are either part of the larger punk scene and/or inspire us,” the band explains. “These artists make us proud to be punks in the same scene with them, or walking in the paths they laid out for punks like us.”

Check out the full playlist below, and stream Fuck These Fuckin Fascists here.


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