Tangerine Long for Connection on the Breezy Lounge Bop Single “See You There”

LA indie-pop musicians Marika Justad and Toby Kuhn channel former tourmates SALES in a sunny guitar track fueled by loneliness.

There’s nothing like a pandemic to remind us that “people need each other, we’re a social species,” as singer-songwriter Marika Justad points out in Tangerine‘s new single “See You There,” which finds the LA indie-pop band channeling their former tourmates SALES. At the end of the day, she insists, we’re all “alone on a rock, floating through space,” so we “gotta embrace and greet these little moments as they go by.” From one floating-space-rock-loner to another: Amen.

“I wrote the lyrics to this song at a time when I was feeling a little disconnected socially,” Justad recalls. “I wanted to transport myself to this magical scene where I could see all my friends, drink wine with them, and feel carefree and anxiety-free,” she adds. “When the pandemic began, it was weird how perfectly our song dovetailed with the loneliness that everyone was experiencing around the world.”

“See You There”— Tangerine’s second single of 2021 following “The Coldest Winter”—is a breezy, melodic lounge bop from the duo rounded out by Toby Kuhn. Naturally, it’s a perfect balm for isolation blues, pairing Kuhn’s bright guitar licks with shimmering synths and sunny, swaying melodies. Meanwhile, a backing sample evokes the din of a busy patio—a fitting image given the song’s opening lines: “I can’t wait to see you at the fountain about nine,” Justad sings, “I’ll see you there, and we can sit around and drink wine / And we can watch the people as they go by.” You can practically taste the longing, the nostalgia, the vibes. Drink it all up below.

“See You There” is out November 5. You can pre-save it here.


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