Watch The O’My’s Perform “Lonely” on Top of a Truck in Chicago’s Rogers Park for “Neighborhoods”

Maceo Vidal-Haymes plays an acoustic version of the track as the slow-zooming camera reveals his surroundings.

We recently got a teaser of what’s to come from Chicago soul duo The O’My’s in the form of the tender single “Lonely,” blending vocalist Maceo Vidal-Haymes’ soft falsetto with funky electric guitar and bass. Meanwhile the visual the track arrived with played into the song’s themes by isolating Vidal-Haymes on a yacht, which one shot at the end of the video reveals to be quite a distance from land or any other sea vessels. 

While the band didn’t commit quite this hard to a visual representation of loneliness for their “Neighborhoods” performance of the single, the Michael Sager–shot clip instead opens with Vidal-Haymes inhabiting a white, void-like space before the camera begins to slowly pull back, revealing his position lying atop the back of a moving truck near Lake Michigan in the Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park, acoustic guitar in hand, loneliness effectively channeled. Watch the performance below.


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