Snarls Walk Us Through Their Crushing EP “What About Flowers” Track by Track

The follow-up to their 2020 debut album was produced and mixed by Chris Walla.
Snarls Walk Us Through Their Crushing EP “What About Flowers” Track by Track

The follow-up to their 2020 debut album was produced and mixed by Chris Walla.

Words: Margaret Farrell

photo by Lexie Alley

November 12, 2021

If you haven’t heard of Snarls, well, let’s change that! The Columbus-based band comprised of Chlo White, Riley Hall, Mick Martinez, and Max Martinez make earnest rock that contains bits of sincerity pulled from conversations one might have with their closest friend. Whereas their debut album Burst felt bright-eyed and eager, fitting the title with its spontaneous spirit, their latest project What About Flowers is a bit more sobering. “We’re in the ‘pressed flowers’ phase of our band,” Chlo White has said of the project. “Burst was taking a fistful of glitter and throwing it, but this EP was more intentional.”

What About Flowers was produced and mixed by Chris Walla in Seattle. The band traveled to the West Coast for the EP’s creation, and it’s quite possible that the change in scenery added a heaviness to this new batch of songs. What About Flowers makes clear that the four-piece are making impressive strides without losing that heart-on-sleeve spark. On closer “If Only,” an immediate favorite, White tries to bridge the daunting gap between her and another—or at least tries to come to terms with the fact that maybe she won’t have the ability to see the inner-workings of their mind. All you can do is acknowledge your own and come to peace with it. “People think that it’d be fun to be a ghost / But could you love somebody that you can’t see?” goes one poignant lyric. It closes the stellar EP on a somber, affecting note.

Experience it for yourself, and check out the band’s breakdown of their EP below.

1. “Fixed Gear”

Letting my guard down around someone new has been one of the hardest things for me to do throughout my life. “Fixed Gear” is about the very blurry phase in a new relationship where neither party knows the other’s intent/goals/baggage. This song is miles more lighthearted than our other songs about relationships, but it still insinuates fear of the unknown. Toward the end of the track, the mood drastically shifts with feelings of certainty solely about wanting to be with the love interest. I just love the arc that happens here. “Fixed Gear” opens the EP on a hopeful note. Don’t be fooled though—all happy emotions will crash and burn as the record progresses.

2. “For You”

We’re all addicted to something. It could be drugs, alcohol, sex, money—but sometimes it’s a person. This is not my proudest song, as it’s about the most toxic relationship I’ve ever had. I don’t wish anything bad on the person, but I certainly couldn’t tell you why I stayed there for so long. Complacency? Maybe it was more of a need to fill a void. That would explain my choice to pair these themes with dense, gritty guitars that are very to-the-point. All “For You” really says is, “Here’s how all these things you did to me affect me now and I don’t know how I let myself stay in that relationship for so long.” We’ve all been there, right?

3. “I’ll Follow You”

“I’ll Follow You” is about being scared to love because of past relationship trauma. It’s that moment when you have to really look at yourself and ask, “Is this my intuition telling me that this person is a threat or am I projecting other people’s actions onto them?” Loving someone while having mental illness can be a challenge, and sometimes scary. This song captures the feelings of fear, but ultimately making the decision that you do want to love because, deep down, that’s all you really know how to do.

4. “Sparkling”

Have you ever seen someone so pretty, you’re taken back? “Pretty” is an understatement for the feeling that I’m trying to capture, though. I chose the title “Sparkling” for a reason. I wrote this song for those in long distance relationships. This kind of love is beautiful. Two people who are so certain about each other—how lovely. Don’t get me wrong, LDRs are hard and require immense amounts of trust and communication, but I really tried to strictly highlight the aspects that I’ve enjoyed. This song still melts me inside. I really hope someone touches your heart the way that’s articulated in “Sparkling.” Let your guard down, and stop grinding your teeth.

5. “If Only”

“If Only” is about knowing that you need to take time and work on yourself, and that it sometimes comes with loss, and knowing that you need to trust yourself more before bringing another into your life. It also talks about having a fear of codependency and trying not to put the people you admire on a pedestal. There’s a strong yearning of wanting to break these bad habits to go with the somber vocal melody. While writing this song, I was having the realizations that everyone has their own inner turmoil to some degree, and that maybe if I can make myself aware of my own then I can in turn be more understanding to others.