Watch the Trailer for Courtney Barnett’s Newly Announced Documentary “Anonymous Club”

The project was filmed over a three-year period and is scheduled for release in 2022.

This has been quite the month for Courtney Barnett. Since releasing her new album Things Take Time, Take Time, she’s now announced a documentary called Anonymous Club. The trailer opens with Barnett revealing that she woke up and is feeling sad for no particular reason. “I think sometimes it’s just OK to feel sad and keep on going with what you’re doing,” she says over winding guitars that loop in the background.

Anonymous Club, which will be released next year, was filmed over a three-year period on 16mm film and captures the wavy nature of her Tell Me How You Really Feel world tour. Barnett’s music is already raw, witty, and revealing, but it seems that with this documentary we’ll get a detailed look at her struggles touring—if not a much broader existential search for purpose.

Watch the trailer below.


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