Watch The F16s Perform “The Apocalypse” in Chennai, India for “Neighborhoods”

The band braves the heat to perform the closer to their recent EP Is It Time to Eat the Rich Yet?

Last month, Indian rockers The F16s asked the question that’s been on all of our minds throughout this period of billionaires very publicly racing to colonize the moon (if not longer)—Is It Time to Eat the Rich Yet?—with their new EP. That project closed out with the lightly psychedelic “The Apocalypse,” which dips its toes in the playful, occasionally synthy sounds of the tail end of the indie-rock revival about a decade ago, with bands like Daniel Rossen’s Department of Eagles project coming to mind.

For their “Neighborhoods” rendition of the track, F16s vocalist Josh Fernandez and guitarist Abhinav Krishnaswamy strip the song from that context and repackage it as an intimate acoustic number (which oddly recalls the quietest moments on the most recent black midi record). Braving the heat of Chennai—which the band casually refers to as the “surface of the sun”—watch the band play through the track below.


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