Chrystabell Travels From Impending Doom to Cosmic Dance Party in “Midnight Star” Video

The colorful visual arrives ahead of the album of the same name, due out January 21.

With four albums already under her belt and a David Lynch co-sign that extended into a reoccurring role in his recent Twin Peaks: The Return, we should know what to expect from Chrystabell at this point. However the fact that she excels at creating unique worlds makes each new creative project so different from the next that it’s still exciting to hear news of a new record, the latest being Midnight Star, arriving early next year. The album was recently announced with its first single, and today we’re getting a preview of the title track along with a vibrant visual to bring the song to life.

The single slowly progresses from a collage of spacey sounds, from ambient synths to an energized string section, before erupting into a a pulsing, dance-friendly beat with Chrystabell’s lyrics about space travel inhabiting the foreground all the while. “The trip from impending doom to cosmic dance party takes under five minutes,” she notes, “so you can do it over and over again, without a shred of space trash.”

As for the video, the near-five-minute track lends itself to the bizarre activity that ensues. “‘Midnight Star’ is the first official music video of the album, starring wayward alien lifeforms seeking redemption amongst the crystal planets,” Chrystabell continues. “When I asked Archon to direct, I knew he could take it way out. I was not disappointed. He meticulously manufactured an alternate reality, literally sculpting worlds with his hands to bring the vision to life. This is one of four videos he made for the record, this grand and bizarre voyage is just getting started.” 

“I believe—or, in fact, I am sure that—we exist in several dimensions at the same time,” director Archon adds. “’Midnight Star’ is a journey into our soul through various media. We don’t really know which of these worlds really exist. Perhaps it is just a projection, or perhaps it is the mind of some other being. Working with Chrystabell on this project was as thrilling as ever.”

Watch the clip below.


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