Dark Mark vs Skelton Joe Make a Horror Film for Their “Sanctified” Video

The track comes from collaborators Mark Lanegan and Joe Cardamone’s recent album.

Last month, Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan and The Icarus Line’s Joe Cardamone released their eponymous collaborative album as Dark Mark vs Skelton Joe. The project finds the two venturing into sonic territory neither had ever really explored before. Based on their alter egos, the two said that the project “seemed to take well to the idea that our personas here are as if we’re now outcasts to our own creative selves.”

Today, they’re sharing the video for their single “Sanctified,” “one of those tracks that almost never was,” notes Cardamone, giving some backstory on the track. “It came in and out of focus. It lived in the dead pile for most of the production of the album. At the eleventh hour Mark expressed that there were a handful of jams that he wanted on the album that I had kinda pushed to the round file. Most of them had been near completion anyway, so resurrecting wasn’t too much of a chore.

“‘Sanctified, however, had only a skeletal vocal idea and tons of space,” he continues. “He sent me a great vocal of that idea that felt like a final, but still had huge gaps in the music. I had backed away from singing too much on the album. The idea was to build a temple or a field for Mark’s voice to live in. That’s when I realized what he was telling me. I hopped on the mic the day before turning in the record and spit out my verses. ‘Sanctified’ ended up being one of my favorite jams on the entire project.”

Now that single is getting a horror film–inspired music video. Plenty of flashing lights and fake blood for you if you’re sad that spooky season is over. Watch it below.


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