Eades’ “Ever Changing” Is the Perfect Dose of Controlled Chaos

The quintet’s debut album Delusion Spree is out March 4 on Heist or Hit.

Sometimes I want noise, something riveting and haywire to override my own stress. And the other day, the Leeds-based quintet Eades—Harry Jordan, Tom O’Reilly, Sam Wilde, Dan Clifford-Smith, and Lily Fontaine—provided the right amount of controlled chaos with their single “Ever Changing.” It’s from their debut album Delusion Spree, which is coming out March 4 via Heist or Hit.

“Ever Changing” is a rush of bursting and crisscrossing guitars that delivers a sort of anxious catharsis reminiscent of early Parquet Courts. The stop-start jolt of strings is the song’s centerpiece while backing psych-rock organs peek through. The frantic composition matches the chorus’ anxious theme about dodging big decisions.

“At that time I was finding myself in a lot of situations with self-involved characters that I had no interest in, purely because they’re an easy distraction from everything I didn’t want to think about,” O’Reilly shared about the lyrics. “I kept jumping from toxic relationships to chaotic friendships without thinking I could take a step back and center myself to actually tackle real problems. ‘Ever Changing’ is about burying my head in the sand and avoiding real issues in my life. It’s about finding new ways to procrastinate and change to make each day feel more exciting than it really is.”

The single comes with a fun little video that finds the band playing cards in a moving van. Sure! Watch below.


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