Watch Carol Ades Perform “Unlearn Me” at an Alpaca Farm in Windy Hill, California for “Neighborhoods”

The LA-based songwriter gives an acoustic performance of the single to a rapt audience.

After garnering songwriting credits for pop heavy-hitters like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, LA-based songwriter Carol Ades had plenty of thoughts she had to translate into songs that were too personal to be presented to any other songwriter. What resulted was her debut EP Through, which arrived nearly a month ago and which sees Ades working through a bad breakup with unflinching honesty and intimate vocal performances. 

If turning all these feelings into songs was the first phase of getting over a relationship, performing them to an audience of alpacas is the second—for “Neighborhoods,” Ades gave us a live acoustic version of the EP track “Unlearn Me” on a farm in Windy Hill, California with an audience of alpacas clearly becoming more invested in the performance as it unfolds. Watch the video below.


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