Laura Jane Grace Microwaves So Much Coffee in Her “Day Old Coffee” Video

The song comes from her latest EP, At War with the Silverfish.

A couple months ago, Laura Jane Grace released the EP At War with the Silverfish. It contained a jammy little number called “Day Old Coffee” that captured the anxiety, restlessness, and mundanity of coffee consumption. “Day old coffee microwaved to boiling / Pour it on my eyeballs and boil my dumb-shit brains out,” she sings on the opening verse. Honestly, a very relatable stance when you’re frustrated with just about anything—a creative block, the Wi-Fi going out, the world.

Today, we get the video for “Day Old Coffee,” which finds Grace performing to an audience of a dozen coffee mugs and her microwave. She paces around an empty room and writes in her notebook. It’s a charming video directed by Chris Bauer and Richard Louis Ulrich. Grace commented on the visual saying, “This is the worst song I’ve ever written but the video turned out really good.”

Check out the video below.


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