Katie Tupper Pairs Hard Truths with Soft Sounds on “Danny”

The lush single arrives ahead of the Saskatoon-based musician's debut EP Towards the End, out February 18.

The jazzy ease of Katie Tupper‘s new single “Danny” is a bit misleading. Although the Canadian singer-songwriter allows the name of a lover to roll off her tongue as smoothly as sugar dissolving in water, there’s nothing sweet about the romance she recounts. “Danny, you let me down,” she sings. “Gave me habits I’m only breaking now.” On “Danny,” Tupper showcases her smoky runs and velvety coos amidst a lush neo-soul background, making hard truths seem like breaking new ground for a better future.

“‘Danny’ is about the biggest breakup I’ve, thankfully, ever had to go through,” she reveals. “I was with a guy for a handful of years, most of which I was just hoping that something would happen that would give me an excuse to break up with him. Turns out, when you’re in a long-term relationship and looking for a way out the entire time you build bad habits for all relationships to follow! Who would’ve thought!”

The track also comes with a funny video directed by Mashie Alam that finds Tupper letting go of dead weight. “‘Danny’ is a reflection on that relationship, and asking how I’m supposed to move forward in my life with these poor habits stamped into my brain,” she adds. “The music video brought that idea to life in a colorful expedition for closure. Watch it below, and pre-order her EP Towards the End, which is out February 18 via Arts & Crafts, here.


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