Catherine Moan Serves Up a Sugary Ode to Crushing Hard—and Crashing Harder—on “Soda Pop”

The Philly-based artist shares a caffeinated cut from an extended version of her debut album Chain Reaction, due out January 11.

Catherine Moan, like all infatuation junkies, knows that a fresh fling can be both wildly exciting and wildly destabilizing. The Philadelphia-based electro-pop artist illustrates this on her new single “Soda Pop,” which is a sweet, sticky synth-pop concoction about crushing hard and crashing harder. Of course, the track also doubles as an ode to Moan’s carbonated beverage of choice. She knows the buzz won’t last forever: “It’s driving me crazy / And taking me all the way to the top,” she sings, “and I’m fallin’ down / I’m crashing bad.” Still, she’s hooked: “I can’t get enough of your / liquid love, liquid love / your liquid drug.” 

“‘Soda Pop’ is a song I wrote during one of my frequent energy drink binges,” says Moan. “If I have work to do I’ll slam back a Monster and treat it like medication for my ADHD. It’s a simple song about love, addiction, and withdrawal from someone sweet like sugar. Sometimes you don’t realize how deep you are in your obsession until it’s cut off from you and the pangs and manic thoughts come raining down. You can take the message literally or figuratively; maybe you drink too much soda and need a cola breakup anthem.”

“Soda Pop” will appear on an extended edition of Moan’s debut album Chain Reaction, due January 11 via Born Losers. You can check out an accompanying visual below, and pre-order the extended edition of Chain Reaction on cassette here.


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