CHAI’s “WHOLE” Is the Theme Song for a Forthcoming Japanese Romantic Dramedy Series

The new single follows last year’s album Wink.

Following 2021’s Wink, CHAI returned today with a new single “WHOLE,” which has also been confirmed as the theme song for a new romantic-comedy-drama series called Koi-senu Futari from Japanese broadcast NHK. The song had the group reuniting with Wink collaborator Scoobert Doobert, drawing influence from 90s Japanese TV dramas. The track’s lyrics are influenced by the series’ plot focused on an aromantic/asexual couple.

“Sometimes, no one empathizes with you,” the group’s Yuuki, who wrote the lyrics, said in a press release. “But is that really a bad thing? I don’t want to make my thing, or someone else’s thing, something to be ashamed of. Because our ‘differences’ may not be our enemies. I wish we could love each other’s little differences and little similarities entirely—that’s the hope behind this song.”

Hear the track below.


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