Articles by Alex Machock

Step Away from the Greta Van Fleet: Ten Obscure Hard-Rock Gems from the 1970s

For the last time, rock isn’t dead—but there’s still a lot that could use a revival. 

A Tribute to the Terrible Snare Drum Sounds of the ’90s

Before GarageBand gave you an excuse to just do it badly yourself, you actually had to pay people to make your drum tracks sound awful. Time to fire up “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” and take a listen to a few of the worst.

Excuse My Efforts for Today: Preoccupations Is the Proper Soundtrack for America Right Now

We don’t deserve it.

The Back Pages: Sean Nicholas Savage, “Mutual Feelings of Respect and Admiration” (2010)

Lo-fi crooner disco isn’t exactly a genre with clear lines of intent and seriousness, but looking back at one (the only?) key example shows that nothing ever sounded so sincere.


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