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James Charisma
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Film + TV
Zombie Comedy Final Showdown Locales, Ranked

Pick your battlefield.

October 30, 2019
Film + TV
The WORLDZ Interview: Hulu VP Nick Tran Is Stream Powered

He shared some insights as to how the streaming service stays above the current in a changing media landscape.

September 04, 2019
Art & Culture
Pod People: How “The Last Podcast on the Left” Explores the Dark Side

The cult podcast covering true crime, conspiracy theories, and all things spooky looks ahead to a new book and more live shows.

July 02, 2019
Film + TV
“John Wick” Is Saving Action Movies

“The Matrix” made computers cool twenty years ago. “Wick” reminds us how unnecessary they are in making a quality action film.

June 04, 2019
Film + TV
Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” and the Rise of Toxic Fandom

Zack Snyder’s too-faithful adaptation was a harbinger of things to come—not for ’80s nuclear fears, but for meltdowns by die-hard fanatics.

March 07, 2019
Film + TV
Is “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” the Greatest Time Travel Movie of All Time?

Forget lusting after your mother or escaping Arnold Schwarzeneggers from the future. 

March 06, 2019
Art & Culture
Todd McFarlane Is Bored with Origin Stories

The comics legend talks the future of the medium, twenty-five years of “Spawn,” and creating an upcoming film with the producers of “Get Out.”

July 24, 2018
Film + TV
Why Was 1997 Such a Great Year for Science Fiction in Film?

As we continue to spin out of control in an era of endless sequels and spinoffs, it’s worth taking a look back on an epic year of science-fiction movies—and remembering what made them so damn good.

June 05, 2018
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