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Haddonfield, Revisited: John Carpenter’s Walk Back to “Halloween,” Forty Years Later

What many consider the scariest movie ever made started as a casual idea tossed out to a young filmmaker who understood the terror inherent within our own homes. That filmmaker also knew how to play the synthesizer. 

WATCH: Danny McBride Gets Hit in the Face with Meat in the First Trailer for “Vice Principals”

The new series from the makers of “Eastbound & Down” will debut in July on HBO.

SXSW Details Its Film Screening Schedule Designed to Keep You Away from Music

A Gary Numan doc, Danny McBride series, and Adam Driver’s latest will all see their premieres, amongst dozens of other notable projects.

WATCH: Everyone Knows Leprechauns Are Extinct in the Trailer for “Don Verdean”

“I got a jumble of thoughts just going on, like there’s a fog, like Lucifer farted in my brain.”

WATCH: Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig Are Incompetent Crooks in New “Masterminds” Trailer

The heist comedy hits the big screen on August 19

WATCH: Bill Murray Is “Royally Screwed” in “Rock the Kasbah” Trailer

“Time for a crazy story…”

You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello: Cameron Crowe’s “Aloha” Gets A Trailer

When he’s not shutting down ill-advised Say Anything remakes, Cameron Crowe is continuing to try and navigate this complicated world with one uplifting story of redemption and love at…


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