WATCH: Test Footage from “Office Space” Reveals Michael Bolton’s Lost Performance As Michael Bolton

"Is that your real name?"

If you enjoyed the meta-tastic performance that was Neil Young playing with “Neil Young” on The Tonight Show last month, then you’re in for another wacky treat, this time from the wonderful people at Funny or Die, who were thoughtful enough to bring together the long-separated worlds of Michael Bolton…and Michael Bolton.

Sixteen years overdue, the formerly heavy-metal *shudder*, currently adult-contemporary *shudder, shudder* singer has finally given his overdue respect to his Office Space counterpart by doing what he should have done a long time ago: reenacting several scenes from Mike Judge’s classic and then having himself edited into the original footage.

No idea why Bolton is doing this, but we’re glad he is. See how he stacks up against David Herman’s impeccable 1999 performance below.


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