“Undiagnosed Insanity”: The FCC Releases America’s Complaints About the 2015 Super Bowl

This is why America can't have nice things

You might not remember it, now that we as a nation are stuck right in the middle of March Madness, but last month there was a special football game played. It was called the Super Bowl? Katy Perry and Missy Elliot did the halftime show? One of the worst calls in sports history happened? Tom Brady smiled at the world once more? Yes, now it’s coming back to you.

Well, while you might have stopped caring about the big game after the queso dip and guacamole ran out that afternoon, thirty-four people were so offended and outraged by this year’s Super Bowl that they lodged complaints with the Federal Communications Commission. That’s right, they went straight to the federal government.

What could these people complain about? This year’s festivities had none of the shocking charm of Super Bowls past, they were almost boring. Turns out, people are excellent complainers, especially about things that the FCC can’t even control.

Here are just a small sample of some of the most indignant complaints about Super Bowl XLIX:

The halftime show

SuperBowl-halftime-complaint-2015-1 SuperBowl-halftime-complaint-2015-2 SuperBowl-halftime-complaint-2015-3 SuperBowl-halftime-complaint-2015-4
These people might have a point about Missy’s lyrics…if, you know, she did actually sing those words on TV, but she didn’t.

TV reception

C’mon FCC! Get this American’s TV working again!

Loud commercials

LoudCommercial-SuperBowl-complaint-2015-2 LoudCommercials-SuperBowl-complaint-2015
“We hope this was a technical problem and not an intentional attention getter.”

 Inappropriate commercials

This individual tried to save you all before the indecent ad ran. Give them a medal!

BadCommercial-SuperBowl-complaint-2015-2 BadCommercial-SuperBowl-complaint-2015-3  BadCommercial-SuperBowl-complaint-2015-5  


“and reign in Hardee’s while you are at it.”

(via Deadspin)


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