Leon Bridges Announces Highly Anticipated Debut Album “Coming Home”

The Fort Worth, Texas, soul prodigy will deliver a full set of tunes on June 23 via Columbia Records.

Following what had to have been the most chillaxed and soothing whirlwind of Internet hype possible, Leon Bridges’s highly anticipated full-length debut has now been officially announced. The Columbia release, which was produced by Austin Jenkins and Josh Block of White Denim, is titled Coming Home (was it ever really going to be called anything else?), and will be out June 23.

The announcement didn’t come with an official tracklist, but it’s said that the album will feature the three tracks already released: “Lisa Sawyer,” “Better Man,” and “Coming Home.” And though there’s no new tunes to sink your teeth into today, you’ll just have to make due with the previous singles, which, in fairness, have been described as timeless, so you should be fine.

Coming Home is out June 23 on Columbia Records.


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