The Tidal Wave Cometh: Beyoncé Premieres New Song “Die With You” on the New Streaming Service

Jay Z has also pulled Reasonable Doubt from Spotify

This weekend, just as they do every year on April 4, Beyoncé and Jay Z celebrated their wedding anniversary the only way that they know how—by making the rest of the world insanely jealous. For this, their seventh year of matrimonial bliss together, the Carters got each other the traditional brand-new-streaming-service-company-we-own-together music world shakeup gift. Isn’t love beautiful?

In a move that everyone saw coming, on Saturday, Queen Bey released a fresh piano ballad via an adorable home video shot by her husband (who actually does a pretty good job with the camcorder: not so shaky, good angles, etc.) exclusively on Tidal. “Die With You” is a satisfyingly sweet and simple track featuring only Beyoncé’s voice and her piano skills all about being madly in love with her one-and-only as exhibited by the chorus: “‘Cause, darling, I wake up just to sleep with you / I open my eyes so I could see with you / And I live so I can die with you.” Bey and Jay have been promoting with their “ride or die” vows since last summer’s behemoth On the Run tour.

Die With You.

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While most of the world groaned that they couldn’t see more than Beyoncé’s fifteen-second Instagram clip of “Die With You” since they haven’t signed up for Tidal yet, the rest of the earth screamed because they could no longer stream Jay Z’s 1996 debut album Reasonable Doubt on Spotify. It seems like the answers to some of our most pressing Tidal questions are quickly being answered. Will the rest of Shawn Carter’s super-team follow in his family’s exclusive footsteps? Only time will tell, but this is enough to start rearranging your budget just in case…

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