Calexico, “Edge of the Sun”

Edge of the Sun

Do you hear that, buried beneath all the applause and cheer? It’s the sound of Calexico returning to top form. Edge of the Sun is what fans were clamoring to hear while sitting patiently through Joey Burns and John Convertino’s well-received but incredibly melancholic recent releases. Their ninth LP is a fiesta on the scale of 2003’s landmark Feast of Wire and everyone is invited—including the frontmen of Iron & Wine, Band of Horses, and DeVotchKa, as well as Neko Case for good (well, great) measure. The Tex–Mex band headed south of the border to Mexico City (for the first time, if you can believe it) to track parts of this tangibly authentic effort. They recorded in their hometown of Tucson, too—which is equally fitting, because with tracks like “Cumbia de Donde” and “World Undone,” this could be the group’s most satisfying and relaxed album to date. ¡Finalmente!


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