RSVP: King Tuff at The Del Monte Speakeasy

Our next Red Bull Sound Select show goes down May 28 in Los Angeles, with support from The Shrine.

It’s always beach season in Venice, but we’re kicking it off formally in a few weeks with a little help from none other than King Tuff.

The latest Red Bull Sound Select show is all set for Thursday, May 28, at The Del Monte Speakeasy by the water. The night will be hosted by CRAP Eyewear, and features an opening set from Venice locals The Shrine.

Just like all Red Bull Sound Select shows, tickets are only $3 if you RSVP, and $12 at the door, so you should RSVP here.

King_Tuff_Red_Bull_Sound_Select_Show_flyerRed Bull Sound Select Presents: Los Angeles
Curated by FLOOD
King Tuff
The Shrine
Hosted by CRAP Eyewear

The Del Monte Speakeasy
52 Windward Ave.
Venice, California


In anticipation for the Red Bull Sound Select show in Venice next Thursday, we spoke to The Shrine about their latest record, what it’s like on tour, and more.

Check out our rapid-fire Q&A with the group below.

What’s your favorite song to perform live?

This week, our favorite song to play is a brand-new one called “The Vulture,” which will probably have a different name by the time it comes out officially. The new ones are always exciting to perform. It’s like trying to build a spaceship to see if it actually flies/takes off, and seeing how people react to the new material live. “Nothing Forever” is always really good, too, because we stretch it out into a jam section. Something new and different happens each night that we play that depending on what mood we’re in, and the crowd is in.

Tell us about your favorite place to skateboard.

Backyard pools, in general, are my favorite place to skate. Also, really anything skateable that wasn’t actually made for skating, is a great skate spot. That’s what’s exciting about skateboarding to me. Trespassing and sneaking into backyards to skate in these leftover ruins—the corpse middle-class America—can’t be beat.


photo by Olivia Jaffe

You’ve been known to self-identify your music as “Psychedelic Violence.” Are there other bands that you like that subscribe to that same raw genre?

Well, we created that term specifically to confuse writers and interviewers because they’re always trying to figure everything out, and put it in a box. There’s no one else in this genre. In fact, we’re not even in this genre, but we are deeply inspired by George Carlin, Jay Adams, and Shep Gordon.

Where’s the best grub in Venice, California?

Probably our backyard, when our road dog Bobby Portillo is grilling shit up, and we’re blasting Thin Lizzy. You don’t get to order, but you get fed real well.

If you could describe your latest album only in the terms of movies, what film would “Primitive Blast” be and why?

We’re working on something sort of like the Dollars Trilogy right now, and the next album we have coming out is going to be the best one. I can’t remember if it’s going to be like For a Few Dollars More or The Good, the Bag and the Ugly, but it’s gonna be a ripper for sure. FL


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